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Facts about the New Medicare Card You need to Know

You have probably heard talk about the new Medicare card and wondering about what it is, how it looks like, where you can get one, what’s so different about it and even when it can be presented. Well, you need not fret because in this article we will be able to answer some if not all those questions will be answered. The following things that you need to know about the new Medicare card.

The purpose of medicare cards is to reduce the chances of identity fraud and theft as is the case with social security cards. The use of social security cards comes with a lot of cases of identity theft and fraud since social security numbers are simple to memorize as opposed to Medicare Benefit Identifier.

It is a blue, white and red card that provides information like the name of the beneficiary, a randomly computer-generated identifying number and the period for which the medicare card is viable.

At the moment the medicare cards are being used by beneficiaries from all the 50 states. The medicare program is a national affair seeing that the beneficiaries are not just limited to a small region.

If you are wondering where and when you can present a new medicare card then you should know that that depends on the plan you are on. People who are on plan c cannot directly present their card to medical providers because that could easily bring about billing issues. However, if you arena original medicare member then you can continue presenting your card on request as you have been doing in the past.

Seeing that the card has a Medicare Benefit Identifier the chances of identity theft is quite impossible. As mentioned earlier the social security number can be easily memorized however, medicare card has the MBI which is randomly generated by the computer which means that the odds of someone knowing what your number is difficult. With a Medicare card, you need not worry about having your identity stolen as has been the case in the past.

I am sure therefore those who are wondering if there is a deadline for using the old card when getting medical services. The answer is, “Yes, there is a deadline.” As from the first day of January 2020, no old cards will be no longer in use. Therefore, you need to make point of applying for the new medicare care card so that you are not one of those who will be inconvenienced with the old card.

You can go online and sign in to your social security or medicare account if at all you would like to apply for the new medicare card. There are also toll-free lines which you can call if at all you want assistance about medicare cards. Also, if you are in a position to visit the social security offices in person, do so, and have any queries related to medicare cards answered.

At least now you know a few things about the new Medicare card.

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