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Understanding Full Custody Law

Child custody is one of the most pressing issues that you will have to deal with as a parent when you happen to be faced with a divorce. Child custody come in various forms and these are such as the legal and physical custody, joint custody, sole and full custody.

In this article, we want to take a look at some of the basics that you need to know of when it comes to full custody law and what it is that this actually means to either of you as parents to a child in the event that one happens to be awarded full custody. Check this guide for more on full custody.

Generally, full custody is where one of the parents to the child or children is given the sole legal and physical custody of the child. When we talk of physical custody, this is that authority that gives a parent that allows them have the child’s physical presence and for the legal custody, this is that parent’s authority to make decisions about the child’s education, health and welfare. Looking at these, we see the fact that in the event that a parent happens to have been awarded full legal custody, they will have the right to make all the decisions about the child’s education, health and welfare and some of these would be such decisions as what schools the child will attend, the extracurricular activities that the child will be taking part in, the medical facility from where they will be receiving their treatments, the church the child will attend and where they will be spending their time and the persons they will be spending their time. If you are granted full physical custody for a child, you will be spending and sharing a home with the child all the time. Essentially, where there is an award of a full physical custody, a child’s primary residence will be with the parent.

With this said, one thing that you need to know of is that full custody isn’t as common an award today as it used to be in the former days. This is even in appreciation of the fact that many courts have today of the fact that both parents have an important part to play in the life of the children in a marriage and as such they will hardly give a ruling in favor of a full custody, whether legal or physical custody. However, there are still instances where this is still awarded to a parent. Some of these are like where the courts happen to be convinced and it is proved that one of the parents in the divorce is causing the child or children in question, whose custody is being sought for determination of, is actually causing the child or children harm, one way or the other, physically or mentally.

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