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Advice For Helicopter Pilot Wannabes

Is it your dream to pilot a helicopter? That is no wonder, as being a pilot is an awesome thing. It can take you more places in the way that driving a car can never do.

Here in my helicopter pilot blog, I write about my experiences piloting a variety of helicopter models, the places I have been to, and yes, I get to share some parts of my journey and how I got to where I am now as a helicopter pilot.

The difference with piloting a helicopter is that the time and the distance flown are much shorter than what an airplane pilot can cover. However, there are many exciting ways where a helicopter is utilized, and not just in ferrying some passengers from one place to another.

Helicopters have been used ideally for transport of patients from one place to another, just like an ambulance, but much quicker and from trickier terrains than ambulance vans can manage. Because of its versatility, helicopters can be used for search and rescue efforts, even in hilly or mountainous areas.

There have also been times when helicopters have figured greatly in managing bush fires. Besides these uses, having a helicopter and knowing how to fly it is one cool way for personal travel.

The best thing about helicopters, as mentioned above, is that it can manage a landing even in a tight spot. It can definitely go where airplanes cannot.

A helicopter pilot can have several options for employment too. If you are a helicopter pilot, or studying to be one, there are several options for employment open to you. You can fly for the air force or for government entities or organizations such as hospitals, or for some private companies that ferry their executives or guests using their private helicopters.

There are also helicopter operators that offer services of their air crafts to private clients. There is a lot of things a helicopter can do and so with interesting places to be. The roles and responsibilities may differ some, depending on the type or organization you may pilot for, and the salary can be considerable.

First though, for those who are just starting their journey, it is essential to initially get the best training possible that you can avail. After training and graduation from pilot schooling, there are licensing and certification requirements to go through.

If you want to get more ideas on the life of a helicopter pilot, you can visit my blog reading articles on what I have shared about my experiences. It’s a lot of hard work and persistence, not to mention the need for focus. But it is an exciting and wonderful experience, challenging, but most definitely worth it.

Make sure to look around for the best option in a flight school. Of course, go for that which takes focus on helicopter training. Make sure it is one that can provide not just helicopter flying lessons, but an institution that provides the greatest flight learning experience, by virtue of its instructors and the equipment it has for use by its students.

Ideally, the instructors should have had varied experience in flying a number of helicopter models. The flying equipment must be the best to receive your training and instruction in. If you get the experience in training with a varied set of helicopters as well as the newest technology in flying simulators, you can be confident in receiving a well-rounded training that will prepare you for becoming a skilled pilot.

Make sure that the school has the necessary accreditation with the official organizations and accrediting bodies. Ask whether the curriculum used for training is one which the FAA has approved. This will ensure that the training you get will be along the lines that the Federal Aviation Regulation provides for.

Ask for recommendations from those you know who have been to flying school, as to which flying institutions are top notch. If you use the web search, you may find out whether there are issues with a certain school or perhaps, complaints lodged against it. A good way to tell whether a flying school is a good one is to see whether it is one that already licensed pilots have recommended.

You can also read true to life experiences of helicopter pilots and find out where or how they got their certification. It could also help to search for a helicopter pilot blog that can provide the insight that you need to pursue your life’s dream.

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