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Future Red Planet inhabitants will want new ways to connect, including improved relay networks and an offshoot web. A system that can be built-in into prosthetic palms capitalizes on phantom sensations to enable users to sense cold and Technology News hot. On Monday, our North America tech reporter James Clayton will deliver you the view from California and what you need to know about the week ahead – together with his insights on what matters.

  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the opposite social media platforms on which we live our digital lives — how they modify, and how their changes have an effect on us.
  • Videos, many of them stunts or jokes, of people wearing Apple’s new virtual reality headset while driving Teslas in Autopilot mode prompted officers to problem warnings.
  • The pandemic brought unprecedented investment in genomic sequencing and dramatically expanded the capability for this kind of monitoring all over the world.
  • New sorts that run at larger temperatures may help decarbonize industry, too.

Technologies for living in house enable our robotic and human explorers to attain their mission objectives. This means everything from having energy to do their work, to the habitats or spacecraft they’ll name house. Our …