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Guidelines for Employees to Follow In Case of a Chemical Spill

Chemicals are corrosive, poisonous and have many other dangerous properties. Before a company thinks of how to deal with chemical spills, it should think of how to prevent the accident from happening. Teach the employees and lay down procedures that are appropriate for storing, handling, disposing of, transferring and using every type of chemical in the company. Aside from training employees, you should provide them with protective gear and other necessities that are needed to handle chemical spills correctly. The training programs on hazard are short-term programs that will not demoralize employees from participating. These are the instructions to follow in cases of chemical spill accidents happening.

Teach the employees about the hazards of the chemicals that are in your laboratory or job site. Ensure that all the employees learn and understand the procedures they should follow when chemicals spill. Write down the response procedures and put them somewhere that all employees can see so that they keep reminding themselves after the training. Ensure that you have the equipment for training on how the procedures are followed. Ensure that you have enough equipment that can help to take care of the chemical spill immediately to prevent further damages.

Employees must quickly communicate to their colleagues all over the premises immediately the chemical spill accident happens. You should all move away from the chemical spill to keep everyone safe so that you have enough time to decide whether or not it can be cleaned up by the employees or you need assistance from outside. If the spill does not spread rapidly, endanger people or property unless they come into direct contact with it and does not endanger the environment you can clean it up. If you do not have enough safety gear, people and equipment to clean up the chemical spill quantity you have to look for more before you embark on cleaning the spill. There are many impacts of a chemical spill, depending on the type of chemical. The liquid might be highly flammable.

There are general response guidelines that you can recommend. First you do not need to notify emergency responders because that is wastage of company resources if it is a simple spill that you can clean up by yourselves. Do not be in a hurry to finish the cleanup so that you adhere to the appropriate cleaning procedure for the type of chemical that has spilled. Use absorbent materials and make a dike around the edges of the screen so that it does not spread. Dispose of the materials that you have used to clean the chemical appropriately. Ensure that the area you have cleaned up is not left contaminated by the chemical.
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