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The Effective Ways of Cleaning and Maintaining Your Military Coins

As someone who collects and hoards military coins, there is no denying that you see it as a challenge to clean and keep them in tip-top condition. While you’ve tried several ways to do it, you’re reading this article because you feel like you’re not efficient at it. You should know that you cannot apply the same method of cleaning typical coins to that of military coins because of the risk of damaging them.

Since we’re pros in taking care and maintaining military coins, then you’ve come to the right place in terms of getting help on how it must be done properly.

Washing Technique

No one will argue about washing as the most practical means of keeping your military coins clean. But one thing you must understand is that you could be doing it incorrectly. The first thing you must acknowledge is if there is a need to wash the coins in the first place. If you see that there is a significant buildup of dirt in the coin, hold it under running water for about half a minute per side. Be certain you have a towel with you so that you can pat the coin dry immediately. Do not ever try to rub the coin because the remaining dirt might very well scratch the surface and damage it.

Running Water Is Only the Initial Process

Be reminded that the concept of washing your military coins with running water is just the initial step since there are other things you must do to keep them in the best condition possible. For example, if you observe that there is a stubborn dirt in the coin, then you’re forced to take on another approach to get rid of it. In this case, you need a soap solution or distilled water to carry on. The best thing about using distilled water is that it effectively removes the gunk but won’t compromise the color or quality of the coin. It is best that you soak the coin in distilled water for a day to effectively remove the gunk. If distilled water doesn’t do the job, soap solution is next in line.

Olive Oil Method

You may not be aware of it, but olive oil is a very effective material for cleaning antique coins and delicate metals. It is effective because it loosens the accumulated dirt in the coin without damaging its surface. Although the cleaning process may take a while, it is guaranteed to remove the most stubborn dirt embedded in the coin.

So, if you are looking for the most effective yet cheap method of cleaning your military coins, look no further than the use of running water, distilled water, soap solution, and olive oil.

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